About Us

AndCapital Bank International Corp. (“ACBIC”), was founded by a group of investors recognized by their proven track record in private banking and in the capital market. It was established in the heart of the financial center of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, an integrated territory of the United States of America, with the firm purpose of addressing and covering the international banking needs of clients outside of Puerto Rico who seek a safe and stable investment environment.

The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (Banking Regulator), under the Law 52-1989, issues the License Certificate EBI-66 in the name of ACBIC allowing it to operate as an International Bank.

Today, AndCapital Bank has highly trained human resources with vast experience in the industry, ready to serve you exclusively according to your personal and business needs. You will have a more personal bank readily at hand to help you make assertive and convenient decisions, hence the Financial Boutique concept promoted by the bank.