Security Tips

For your safety and confidence, AndCapital Bank has been taken special care in the implementation of protocols and security mechanisms to ensure the integrity of our Online Banking. However, against suspicions of phishing risk we recommend the following safety tips.

Safety recommendations for using Online Banking
  • AndCapital Bank does not request sensitive information (personal and confidential) via e-mail.
  • Try to make your transactions securely connecting from home or office.
  • Do not bank on public places like Internet Cafe or similar. Memorize your username and password and do not tell other people.
  • Do not write your password on sites that could compromise security.
  • Enter directly in the browser and enter the address our online banking.
  • Check that at the bottom right of the browser display a yellow lock closed, it indicates that you are entering a secure site. When you double-clicked, the certificate of authenticity you can check its validity and effectiveness.
  • Enter directly, under any circumstances don't access via links from emails or other external sites.
  • Regularly check your bank accounts, if you see something suspicious, report it immediately to Customer Service (787) 945-5200 or go to our branch.
  • Keep updated your antivirus and internet browser.
  • Change your password if you consider that it is committed.
  • Whenever you finish your banking, select "Log Off" or "Exit" and close the browser window that has been used.
What should you do in case of suspecting a possible fraud?

Immediately call trong Customer Service (787) 945-5200 or contact our branch, to proceed with the respective containment processes.