Demand Deposit Account

Prepare yourself to enjoy priority service, preferential fees and benefits with your AndCapital Bank Demand Deposit Account.

  • You will be able to carry out international transactions and operations with flexibility and trust.
  • Directly managed through online banking.
  • Allows unlimited deposit and withdrawal transfers.
Minimum opening deposit $ 2,500.00
Minimum Amount Charge * $ 10.00
Service Charges $ 5.00
Inactive account charge (+ 6 months) $ 10.00
Inactive account charge (+ 1 year) $ 15.00

Please fill out, print and send the account opening forms:

This account is ideal for you if:

You want to control and manage your money with safety and efficiency.

  • Submit two (2) current and valid photo Identification Documents, scanned in color*.
  • Tax Identification Number (RIF in Spanish), if applicable.
  • One (1) banking reference with average balances (with a date of issue no greater than 90 days).
  • One (1) public utility receipt, such as electricity, telephone or water (indicating the person’s residential address) with a date of issue no greater than 90 days.
  • Submit one of the following documents (whichever applies):
    • Income certification
    • Letter of Employment (in case of being a permanent employee) indicating monthly salary
    • a letter issued by a Public Accountant indicating the profession or job, and source of income (date of issue no greater than 90 days).
  • Balance Sheet in case your annual income is greater than $100,000.00 (US$).

* The two (2) photo identification documents must be: (a) Passport; (b) Identification document from the country of residence.